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by Johanna Modin

Training Guides

With both a home- and gym guide you are all set. Pick which one you prefer and start today!


Want to workout from home? Maybe a quick sweaty full body session?
We got you covered. With several single workouts to choose from you can do additional workouts anytime.

Your journey

Track your process and see how far you’ve come with progress pictures and weight tracking tools.

Training Guides

Whether you workout from home or at the gym, I got you!

Choose from one of my 6 week gym or home programs with exercises that I absolutely love. Hope you enjoy it!

Single Workouts

Sometimes you just wanna work on those abs.

Not following a guide at the moment? No problem I've got something for you. Search by body part or workout type.


See how far you've come.

Store all your progress images and weight tracking all in one place. It's incredible how motivating seeing those small changes can be.

“These home workouts doesn’t leave anyone without max pulse, sweat and with a feeling of exhaustion in a good way - with only body weight!”
“Wow!!! It was so much fun and I loved every workout! Being able to push yourself in every movement is amazing.'
Lorin Suleiman
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